Many of Dr. Striar’s patients have posted heartfelt and positive comments about their experiences with her practice. In her words, “I am grateful for all the powerful transformations and positive changes I have witnessed.”

Thank you so much. I loved talking through things with you and I was constantly amazed by how wise, perceptive, and astute you are. You really helped me to see things about myself that I hand’t realized but now seem so clear! —Female, 30s

I did not work with Dr Striar for very long. She told me that I most likely had a drinking problem and I of course wasn’t ready to hear that at the moment. I abruptly stopped seeing her. Thanks to her frankness and calling me out like she did I ended up getting help. The point of therapy is to become a better version of yourself and Dr. Striar was trying to help me. This was ten years ago, and now I truly appreciate the experience I had with her. —Female, 30s

She’s compassionate and genuinely cares. She is knowledgeable and able to challenge your perceptions to reframe things in a healthier light. She pays attention, takes notes, and follows up with you where you last left off. She’s hands down the best therapist I’ve ever had. I highly recommend. —Male, 30s

Amazing. Dr. Striar gets right to issues in a friendly and conscientious manner. She provides alternative perspectives, insights and the right tools to help you get through the tough times…In the end, she points you in the direction of inner peace and empowerment. —Female, 20s

I would highly recommend Dr.Striar as a psychotherapist.  She is compassionate, patient and always has a positive attitude.  She helped me see what I was doing to myself, I was then able to change my attitude and life has improved tremendously. – Male 30’s

I’ve had a few therapists throughout the years, and Doctor Striar is the best – particularly for couples. She helped us through a tough time by giving us valuable communication tools, and by listening and putting our challenges in the proper context. She is wise, funny, and wonderful at putting things in perspective.  —Couple, 30s

I am in my thirties. I reached out to Dr. Striar because I needed help developing a more positive outlook. Dr. Striar has helped me identify extreme thought patterns that were increasing my anxiety and preventing me from seeing things objectively. We worked on several exercises aimed at avoiding those negative thoughts and learning to live in the moment. I now have a lot less stress and have made noticeable improvements in my life. She’s an excellent therapist and listener who will challenge you in a friendly way so that you can discover the underlying thought patterns that are holding you back.Male, 30s

I was a total skeptic about therapy, but after having therapy with Dr. Striar, I wish I had met her sooner. She helped me to move through complicated issues of PTSD and abuse, and ultimately put the past into perspective. I owe a lot of my happiness to Dr. Striar. —Female, 30s

Sharna Striar helped my wife and me work through infidelity in our marriage. Her sensitivity, hearing both sides of the story, and guidance through the process of healing strengthened our relationship and commitment. Thank you, Dr. Striar. —Couple, 30s

Dr. Striar gave me great insight and advice in better understanding my sexuality with regards to my conservative culture and background… She counseled me through my worries, and my self-identity struggles as a young woman in my mid-20s. She has helped me look at things objectively and come out of my head, learn self-discipline, and live a healthier life. I highly recommend her. —Female, 20s

I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Striar. She is highly professional, deeply cares about your well-being, and offers many paths to help you learn to deal with your emotions and feelings. She always makes me feel comfortable sharing anything with her and her acutely trained ear picks up on subtle yet important things. —Female, 20s

My partner and I came to Dr. Striar in a tough situation. Despite the fact we both wanted things to work out, we could not find the key to unlocking our differences. Dr. Striar was superb in helping us get to the root cause of our issues and was fair and neutral as we candidly brought our thoughts to the table. We respected the way Dr. Striar challenged us individually and as a couple through discussions and practical assignments. Without Dr. Striar I don’t think we would have made it. —Couple, 30s

Dr. Striar counseled me through a difficult divorce from which I emerged with flying colors. She was warm, wise, and empathic. Her insights afforded me the tools for my journey of self-discovery and empowerment.Female, 30s

I am a man in my late 20s who was wrestling with some sexual issues for quite some time. I sought out Dr. Striar and in little time I was tremendously impressed by her approach, insights, and action plan. Once the initial subject was addressed, I continued seeing her for ongoing discussions. —Male, 20s

Dr. Striar has helped me navigate complicated issues… She is down to earth, compassionate and wise in tackling the various challenges that all of us face over time. I can’t imagine having achieved the success I have without her counsel. —Female, 30s

Dr. Sharna Striar literally helped save my life. She has a nursing background which means a more holistic approach to promoting both mental and physical wellbeing a great fit for me. She helped me recognize my own drug addiction, eventually leading me to sobriety. Many years later, I remain sober and grateful for her invaluable therapy and I continue to see her in order to help me with all the important transitions in my life. —Male, 30s

Dr. Striar has been a wonderful therapist to both my husband and me. She has guided us through relationship problems, loss of family members, professional issues and a host of other things. She is warm, friendly, and incisive and creates an environment in which working through problems becomes fun and challenging rather than tedious and frustrating… I can truly say that we both felt that she deeply cared about us and went out of her way to enable us to grow both in our relationship and as individuals… We love her! —Couple, 30s

Dr. Striar is the best doctor I have ever worked with in my life. She helped me in ways no one else has. I like her patience and honesty, but most important the fact that she listens… Knowing I can go to her about anything and never feel judged is key to me. —Female, 20s

I came to Dr. Striar because I was unable to reach an orgasm in lovemaking with my boyfriend. Dr. Striar helped me understand the importance of getting out of my head and immersing in sensory-based feelings and fantasy—and I learned to let go and enjoy the full pleasures of sex.Female, 20s

Dr. Striar is as good as it gets…Dr. Striar isn’t just about talk therapy, she has the gift of actively helping you zero in on the real root of the problem, where it stems from and how to modify that behavior to help you move forward. In addition to my being a patient, my husband (then fiancée) and I saw her together for a little over half a year for couples counseling before tying the knot. Having her as our therapist while we were going through some tough issues was really what helped us find each other again during a time when we were absolutely falling apart. —Couple, 30s

As a man who has battled insecurities concerning work, social interactions, and sexual expression, Dr. Striar helped me understand the roots of the problem and guided me in the development of healthier social skills. Due to her background as a sex therapist, I overcame a certain performance problem. I now have a girlfriend and we are happy with our sex life. I can’t thank Dr. Striar enough. —Male, 30s

Dr. Striar’s therapeutic platform is a very “here and now”-centered approach that has helped me greatly. —Female, 20s

I was a patient of Sharna Striar… and I must say that a big chunk of my well-being today is a result of her guidance and the amount I have learned about myself. She is an expert in her field. She saved me from a major disaster by helping me to get out of an abusive relationship and fixing the reasons that got me there in the first place. She then helped me through the problems of anxiety and depression. I was able to come through and reach a happy place without using any drugs. I am so grateful I found her. —Female, 20s

Sharna was a wonderful facilitator in couple’s therapy. And, despite the uncoupling of my relationship, I continued to work with her on personal issues. She’s smart, caring, really committed… She can be extremely empathetic but won’t let you get away with anything.Couple, 30s

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