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Broadcast Appearances

How to Transition from Self Pleasuring to Satisfying your Partner

How to Transition from Self Pleasuring to Satisfying your Partner 2:36
Sex Talk with the Siegel Brothers Radio Show, Florida

Communication Techniques that Enhance Relationships: The 3 Ps

Communication Techniques that Enhance Relationships: The 3 Ps 2:26
Sex Talk with the Siegel Brothers Radio Show, Florida

Are You Listening?

Are You Listening? 2:50
Good Day New York
(Fox Network)

Cultivating Intimacy

Cultivating Intimacy 1:24
Getting Healthy
(The Food Network)

Enhancing Sexual Intimacy

Enhancing Sexual Intimacy 3:11
Good Day New York
(Fox Network)

Expressing Sexuality Throughout Life

Expressing Sexuality Throughout Life 1:35
Getting Healthy
(The Food Network)

Firing Up the Desire in Your Relationship

Firing Up the Desire In Your Relationship 1:25
Getting Healthy
(The Food Network)

Spice Up Your Sex Life

Spice Up Your Sex Life 3:06
Good Day New York
(Fox Network)

The Art of Kissing

The Art of Kissing 2:12
Getting Healthy
(The Food Network)

The Joy of Romance

The Joy of Romance 3:53
Circle of Thoth Show
on Cable Network

The Magic of Kissing

The Magic of Kissing 1:46
Wake Up America
(Fox Network)

The Magic of Kissing

Breathing Technique Demonstration 3:53
Silver Fox Summit

Papers Presented at Professional Organizations

Striar, S. The Age of Cybersex and its Impact on Patient Population.
Paper presented at the American Psychiatric Association Conference.

Sexuality and the ALS Patient.
Paper presented at Johns Hopkins U, Los Angeles ALS Society, and Queens College.

Striar, S., Bartlik, B., Royalle C. Erotic video for women and couples with sexual dysfunction. 
Paper presented at the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality, San Francisco.

Striar, S. Sex therapy and neuro-linguistic programming: an integrative approach.
Paper presented at American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting, New York; American Academy of Clinical Sexologists Annual Meeting, Washington D.C.

Striar, S, & Hollander, E. Integrating neuro-linguistic programming with sex therapy. 
Paper presented at National Association of Sex Education, Counseling, and Therapists; Annual Conference on Sex Education, Montreal, San Francisco, D.C.

Striar, S. New dimensions in sex therapy. 
Paper presented at European Conference of Sexology, Copenhagen, Denmark.


YouTube_Icon2Nailing the Interview: Establishing Good Rapport is A Key Ingredient
First Mondays live networking event, presented by The Florence Belsky Charitable Foundation, New York, 2014. (YouTube video, 10:10)

“Mindfulness and Sexuality”
New York Sex Therapy Peer Group.

“Use of NLP with Sex Therapy”
New York Sex Therapy Peer Group.

“When Sexual Expression Becomes a Compulsive Behavior”
International University for Graduate Studies, St Kitts, W.I.

Sexual Energy: Let’s Get to the Heart of It
Arista Counseling Center; American Board of Sexology; People Resources, New York; Discovery Center, New York; World Sexology Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Understanding and Appreciating One’s Sexuality
Self-sponsored 2-day SAR workshop conducted in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Detroit’s First Unitarian Church, Sienna College, Michigan; Nat. Council of Jewish Women; Detroit Unitarians; People Resources, New York; Hunter College, New York.

Integrating Neuro-Linguistic Programming with Sex Education and Counseling
Annual Conference on Sex Education, Montreal, San Francisco, D.C.

Development of Policy and Programming on Sexuality
University of Michigan; Macomb Oakland Michigan Center; Michigan Nurses Association; Michigan Assoc. for Developmentally Disabled, Rutgers Medical School; Guelph Conference on Sexuality, Guelph, Canada; Wayne State University; American Association of Sex Educators, Counseling, and Therapists.

Leadership Skills: Putting Them All Together
University of Michigan, Michigan Department of Mental Health Metropolitan Regional Psychiatric Hospital, Michigan, State of Maryland.

Contributor to Publications

Mezzich, J., & Hernandez-Serrano. (2006). Psychiatry and Sexual Health: An Integrative Approach by the World Psychiatric Association. Maryland: The Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group (Striar, S Contributor).

Project organizer of data and statistics for the publication of Dr. Helen Singer Kaplan’s book entitled The Sexual Desire Disorders, Dysfunctional Regulation of Sexual Motivation.

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