Practice Areas

My primary focus is counseling individuals and couples to effectively navigate the challenges of adulthood, relationships, sexual expression, and a wide range of emotions.

Individual Counseling

Many people come to me with complaints of sadness, anger, depression, and anxiety. Often their thoughts dictate their emotional state. I believe in helping people transform negative thinking and actions into positive thoughts and behavior. A focus on “the now” is key to this process.

During my many years of experience as a psychotherapist, educator, clinical nurse specialist, and certified sex therapist, I have worked with individuals from virtually all walks of life, cultural and religious backgrounds, and gender identities. I am specifically familiar with the unique issues of individuals in their 20’s through 40’s seeking insight into their own identities and life choices. Utilizing my background in nursing and health, I treat the whole person and tailor the therapeutic relationship to the needs and goals of each individual.

Many of my patients, especially those with mood disorders have benefited from my training in cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), and mindfulness. These approaches involve methods to change anxious or negative thinking to a more positive and constructive outlook. This reframing allows one to move forward to achieve higher levels of emotional and behavioral well-being.

Couple Counseling

I have helped many couples with relationship difficulties including, but not limited to interpersonal conflicts, betrayal, communication, and sexuality.

In my practice I have observed that couples often view their partners through a veil formed by past experiences. This “arc of distortion” impacts their perceptions and interactions with each other. My goal is to help clear a path and impart skills to better understanding and communication between partners, thereby enhancing their happiness and satisfaction.

Sexual Counseling

I believe sexuality is one of the most important and beneficial aspects of every human being at every stage in life.

For more than two decades as a sex therapist I have treated people with a wide range of sexual interests and challenges including men with erection difficulties, and women and men with desire, arousal, and orgasmic concerns.

Many people with worries about sexual performance lack accurate information about sexual functioning and interaction. They may also feel awkward talking about sexuality since it touches on deep intimate and erotic desires that may be fraught with guilt and shame. I approach these delicate issues with knowledge, training, sensitivity, and a sex-positive affirmation.

The Beliefs that Shape My Practice

I believe that my optimistic attitude, commitment to the therapeutic process, and sensitivity to people help patients overcome life’s challenges and longstanding problems. The purpose of therapy is to empower patients to trust their own judgments and act in accordance with their own deepest desires and values. As a therapist I serve as a catalyst for growth and change—to help individuals clarify their issues and identify realistic methods and solutions.

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